El Chris Gains Some Weight

Four years ago, I got some bad news from my cardiologist. I had to lose weight or face some serious consequences. I made some pretty drastic changes to my diet and exercise. I did great. For a while. Then I stopped doing great. Then I just stopped doing. The Patient Wife and I bought a house. … Continue reading “El Chris Gains Some Weight”

Food: It’s More Than What We Eat

My good buddy El Chris asked some friends to contribute to his blog. So… I whipped this little baby up right quick. I hope you enjoy. –Roaster Joe When we think about food, we immediately put our minds to a canon of experiences with edibles that we have regularly experienced in our lives. When thinking a … Continue reading “Food: It’s More Than What We Eat”

Screaming From the Street Corner

My dear (mostly Facebook but also recognizable in public) friend, Chris Ferguson, compared blogging to screaming on a street corner. It’s the perfect metaphor for blogging. Throwing something out there are hoping it sticks with someone. Anyone really. It got me thinking about my little blog. This space started as a place that I wanted … Continue reading “Screaming From the Street Corner”

El Chris Shows No Mercy

When I was in eighth grade, my English teacher handed out a “No Excuses, No Mercy” list of words that every eighth grader should be able to use correctly in context. She wasn’t asking a lot, mainly the correct use of there/their/they’re, your/you’re, to/two/too, and the fact that “a lot” is two words, not one. … Continue reading “El Chris Shows No Mercy”

El Chris gets some wrinkles

I’ll own it. I stopped blogging. I got lazy and a little chubby and a little busy. I stopped taking care of myself and fell off track with my weight loss journey. Since I’m the most important and interesting person in your life and you totally care, I’ll summarize everything that happened between my last … Continue reading “El Chris gets some wrinkles”

El Chris Gets a Clone

The funny thing about getting married is that within an hour of saying “I do,” your sex life becomes public interest number one. Before we even said our vows, there were not-so-subtle whispers of us having a hidden, secret pregnancy because we moved our wedding date up. In reality, we just didn’t want to wait … Continue reading “El Chris Gets a Clone”

El Chris Roasts Some Coffee

What a year. The business I started is chugging along slowly but consistently. I’ve slowly reduced the amount of jobs I’m working from four to two. I set my goals and followed them, but I didn’t get the results I hoped for. I’ll update all of you on this soon. Two full years ago, a … Continue reading “El Chris Roasts Some Coffee”

El Chris Does Something About It

A year ago today, I declared that I, El Chris, would become a douchebag. I declared that I would refuse food that didn’t conform to my specific diet. I declared that I would commit to a fitness plan and drink the Kool Aid. I also declared that I would cease my inaction and apathy toward my … Continue reading “El Chris Does Something About It”

El Chris Sets a Goal

  A few years back, I went through one of the most intense, polished, and well-executed leadership courses I’ve ever been to. Called Woodbadge, it changed how I lead. It changed how I follow. It changed how I interact in a group, and it changed how I set goals, professionally and otherwise. Since completing my … Continue reading “El Chris Sets a Goal”