Food: It’s More Than What We Eat

My good buddy El Chris asked some friends to contribute to his blog. So… I whipped this little baby up right quick. I hope you enjoy. –Roaster Joe When we think about food, we immediately put our minds to a canon of experiences with edibles that we have regularly experienced in our lives. When thinking a … Continue reading “Food: It’s More Than What We Eat”

El Chris Makes Breakfast for Dinner

Mountain Man Breakfast A while back, The Patient Wife went out with the Laughing Ladies, leaving me to feed myself dinner. She should know better. Not one to turn down a special occasion or the chance to be a kick-ass hipster, I broke out our trusty Dutch oven, hopped on my bike, and went down … Continue reading “El Chris Makes Breakfast for Dinner”

El Chris Makes Some Dessert

  Many of you are familiar with my picky diet. Many of you also know that I love a good snack. I love food. I love eating. But I’m also trying to lose weight. What’s a guy to do, right? Well I’m about to say, you impatient jerk. Since The Patient Wife and I bought a … Continue reading “El Chris Makes Some Dessert”

How to make coffee that doesn’t suck: Swedish Egg Coffee

Last fall, I made a poor attempt at making Swedish Egg Coffee. I had no idea what I was doing, and I ended up making something that looked like dead birds in an oil spill. I did a lot of research and figured out the error of my ways. In short, I. Was. Wrong. There. … Continue reading “How to make coffee that doesn’t suck: Swedish Egg Coffee”

El Chris Makes Some Paleo Ketchup

  A week ago, I started The Paleo Diet with my new gym. The weight loss is going fantastically well, although I’ve had to start thinking differently about food. Condiments are hard to find in healthy formulations, especially when you’re on a diet that doesn’t allow for corn. Do you have any idea how much … Continue reading “El Chris Makes Some Paleo Ketchup”

El Chris’s pizza corrupts another

Back in 2004, I was invited to a LAN party by Mr Ty and Dane-Dane. I was introduced to Unreal Tournament and Mr Ty’s ex-girlfriend. We had a great night, and I also met a guy named Evan. Evan and I kept in contact and encountered each other on and off again over the years. … Continue reading “El Chris’s pizza corrupts another”

Ultimate badassery: How to make skillet pizza even BETTER

A lot of you really got excited about the pizza dough I taught you all how to make, and even MORE excited when I showed you how to make a life-affirming pizza out of it.  Well, I’m privileged enough to have a group of friends who aren’t ever afraid to challenge me. This morning, my … Continue reading “Ultimate badassery: How to make skillet pizza even BETTER”

Homemade pizza dough that a moron like you can make in 20 minutes

I’ve always loved cooking, but until recently, my love for it was less than nurtured. The Patient Wife changed that and encouraged me to make mistakes and learn in the kitchen. One day recently, she asked me to make pizza dough by following a simple recipe. It was so simple, in fact, that I decided … Continue reading “Homemade pizza dough that a moron like you can make in 20 minutes”