El Chris Endangers His Life at a Waterfall

A good friend of mine and I decided that we needed to go on a a manventure today. We decided to go to the waterfall at Minnehaha Falls in the middle of a snowstorm so that we could view the frozen waterfall. It took us almost 45 minutes to get there and over an hour to get home due to the snow and my lack of four-wheel-drive and snow tires, but we made it and hoo boy, was it worth it. Here are the pictures. The only one that was edited was the one of me and Kyle. All the rest are completely untouched. I didn’t even rotate them.

Author: El Chris

I’m full of snark that doesn’t always come out. I have a soft spot for kids and people with special needs. I’m a disability advocate by day, and a coffee roasting photographer by night. You’ll love me, but your parents will love me more.

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