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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my struggle with weight gain and loss and finally put my foot down and committed to losing weight. The results so far have been ASTOUNDING.

The first thing I did was start an elimination diet with The Patient Wife. We’ve been following it since Monday, January 28th, and honestly, I’ve never felt better. This diet is designed to figure out exactly what you’re allergic to, which will help my wife TREMENDOUSLY since she has pretty severe non-seasonal allergies.

On the first day, my heartburn was gone. I went from 10 Tums a day to NONE in about 12 hours. I’ve been eating them like candy for MONTHS. I’ve been heartburn free since day one.

In that first week, I dropped 7 pounds. My pee is constantly yellow no matter HOW much water I drink, no doubt a reaction to my body flushing out all the crap that’s been building up. Caffeine has been severely limited. Honestly, I’ve never felt more energetic and it’s only day 11.

This week, my new gym announced that they were going to start doing the Paleo diet as a challenge for all the members of the gym. This aligns pretty closely with the diet that The Patient Wife and I are doing, with some small changes, but by God, I am going to DO this. The workouts are insanely hard. I can’t do a single pullup without assistance. I can’t stand on my head, let alone do a headstand pushup. My shoulder still hurts from this morning when I tried. But I will NOT give up on it.

As of today, I’ve lost 12 pounds. My belt is 2 notches looser. I’m thinking more about what I’m eating, and I’m not eating crap. I’m sleeping better, I have WAY more energy, and I don’t have any afternoon slump. I can eat lunch and go right back to work without having to get sleepy. I can even focus better. I don’t think I’ll ever be done with this diet because when I think about how I felt 2 weeks ago compared to now, I wouldn’t trade it for a slice of pizza or a hot dog or anything of the sort.

This is happening. I am losing weight, I’m getting in shape, and I. Feel. AWESOME.

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I’m full of snark that doesn’t always come out. I have a soft spot for kids and people with special needs. I’m a disability advocate by day, and a coffee roasting photographer by night. You’ll love me, but your parents will love me more.

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  1. Fergie, I am so proud of you. As someone who is constantly striving for a healthier lifestyle and no issue with helping those who ask for it, I think what you are doing is commendable and totally riotous. You are an inspiration to your scouts, clients, family and friends. Awesomeness is a good way to describe you at this very moment. If you need any kind of support, or a running buddy (on my days off since I run at work on days that I work) I will totally go with you.

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