Gratitude Tonight

Yep. That’s our office with 15 filthy, neglected cast-iron pieces and a box of cameras. I took it upon myself to restore them.I married a very understanding woman. As I lay in bed, reeking of burnt vegetable oil, ash, and rust, I can’t help but be anything but eternally grateful for the love of a woman who, … Continue reading “Gratitude Tonight”

Good way to start the morning

My machine may not be top of the line, but mercy me does it make a fine shot of espresso. This morning’s drink of choice: 4 Ounces espresso5 Ounces Almond milk That is four ounces of the finest espresso I can make. After a waking up and finding out that I got to go back … Continue reading “Good way to start the morning”

The fair is not fair

The fair is not fair because of scenes like this. Tonight, I will have nightmares. Today, my wife and I went to the The Fair. I saw this creepy trash can and tried to die. Failing that, we caused shenanigans. My loving, patient, and slightly twisted* wife was amused, which always motivates me, and The … Continue reading “The fair is not fair”

Hot Water

Some Venezuelan beans I roasted last weekend. As a young child, my mother sought ENDLESS ways to entertain me. I was like a charming, hyperactive, intensely de-focused hummingbird who positively THREW himself into each day, sometimes quite literally. Out of desperation one day, she gave me a pair of Matchbox cars that would change color … Continue reading “Hot Water”