Screaming From the Street Corner

My dear (mostly Facebook but also recognizable in public) friend, Chris Ferguson, compared blogging to screaming on a street corner. It’s the perfect metaphor for blogging. Throwing something out there are hoping it sticks with someone. Anyone really. It got me thinking about my little blog. This space started as a place that I wanted to use to collect stories for Lita. Something to show her when she gets older. Another kid and a few posts later, I categorize myself as a half-ass mommy blogger who mostly uses Instagram/Facebook to showcase my collection of thoughts and stories, my version of screaming on the street corner.

┬áSo what WOULD I scream from a street corner? What ideas or notions do I want to send into the world and hope “stick” to those around me?

First, I live my life believing that I am worthy of love and belonging (my homegirl Brene Brown taught me this. It is a fundamental idea I live by and also a position I mother and wife [those are verbs now-it’s fine] from). I believe you are worthy of love and belonging too.

Second, I believe everyone deserves grace. Lots and lots of grace. As human beings we’re constantly running the rat race. Running (read: trampling) over one another, trying to get to the top of the heap. It’s all a little ridiculous really. People need grace. They need to know that wherever they are in life is OK.

Thirdly, forgiveness or just frickin letting it go. This certainly hasn’t come easy to me and it will continue to be a struggle throughout my entire life, I’m certain of it. I sat down with the rockstar Pastor from Awaken Community Church a couple years ago. I sat down with him to tell him how much I was struggling with still being angry with someone who wronged me several years ago. I hated this person and held so much resentment for how they were continuing on with their life never to even be tripped up it seemed. And guess what Rockstar Pastor told me? He told me plain and simple- you may hate him but he is not your burden to deal with. Leave that burden to God (non-Christians, don’t lose me here, simply swap out for what you believe in. More and more I find myself swapping God out with Universe).

Mic drop, folks.

It’s simply not my issue to deal with how this person continues to live his life. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to hear that this person was simply not my burden. It seems like such a simple concept but we’re all guilty of getting lost in the resentment, hate, bitterness of those who’ve wronged us. Forgiveness might not be the right word for this. I don’t believe I forgave this individual (and that’s OK, grace remember?). Rather, I choose not to overwhelm or burnden myself with thinking about it. It takes practice but through enough self care and talking yourself through it you can get here. ┬áThis would be a lot to shout from a street corner. So how do I wrap it up in a pretty little bow?

Friends. You are worthy of love and belonging. You deserve grace from yourself and those around you. The people who deserve to be in your life will give you grace. And finally, release the burden you’ve been carrying. The person who wronged you, they are not your burden. Leave it to whatever powers you believe in. Practice this and it will get easier. These three thing, while relatively simple in theory, have changed the way I mother, wife, friend, colleague,daughter. They’ve helped me learn to roll with the punches a bit more and not take life too seriously because spoiler alert, we’ve only got one life to live and it’s pretty damn short.

Xoxo Casey

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