El Chris Roasts Some Coffee

What a year. The business I started is chugging along slowly but consistently. I’ve slowly reduced the amount of jobs I’m working from four to two. I set my goals and followed them, but I didn’t get the results I hoped for. I’ll update all of you on this soon. Two full years ago, a … Continue reading “El Chris Roasts Some Coffee”

How to Make Coffee that Doesn’t Suck: The Aeropress

One of my favorite gadgets to use for making coffee, both in my kitchen and in the woods, is the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It’s stupid easy, and I can use either coarse ground or fine ground coffee. It takes about 3 minutes to make a full cup of rather strong coffee, and the … Continue reading “How to Make Coffee that Doesn’t Suck: The Aeropress”

How to make coffee that doesn’t suck: Grinding your beans

We’ve all been there. Someone offers us a cup of coffee and It’s. Just. Wrong. It’s vinegary. It’s gritty. It’s nasty and bitter. It’s (worst of all) way too weak. Bad coffee can reduce a grown man to tears. It can ruin marriages. It can even ruin your shot at salvation. God HATES bad coffee. … Continue reading “How to make coffee that doesn’t suck: Grinding your beans”

El Chris starts a business

I know. I’m terrible. I had a successful giveaway on the blog and then quit writing. I. Am. Awful. But really, guys, I can explain! It’s been extra busy around my house. Halo 4 was recently released and it takes HUGE amounts of time to convince my friends to let me come over and play … Continue reading “El Chris starts a business”